Free VPN Reddit Users Choose

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According to the latest news, user spying on the Internet has become incredibly high. A similar problem forces only private users but sometimes the corporate sector to look for all kinds of protection methods against tracking programs on the Internet.

Best Virtual Private Network by Free Access Option

Today, there is an opinion among users that the best free virtual private network is ProtonVPN. This service received the most support from users. It is worth noting that most users are quite negatively tuned about free services. This is mainly because free services are full of advertising and are often useless. However, this does not apply to the winner of surveys among users of the platform. The bulk still recommends this virtual private network as the best and most secure among other free versions. Besides, it is worth noting that the company that created this software was also effective in creating an encrypted email. This already suggests that they have a defined data encryption technology that protects users. At the same time, the main advantages of this virtual private network are:

  • Free access
  • Logless service

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to understand that if you use an open financial plan for this network, then the bandwidth and access to the server will be somewhat limited. Also, you can use only one device that will be protected. Therefore, if you plan to use several devices at once and protect your data, or you need a good connection speed, then maybe you should pay attention to a paid subscription on this resource.

Netflix’s Best VPN for Streaming Video

The most positive feedback users gave to a service like NordVPN. This is mainly because the user has direct access to the accessible streaming video server in the United States and Great Britain. Besides, the price of using this service is relatively low.

Among the main advantages of the service are the following:

  • Users can simultaneously use up to 6 devices on one connection
  • The cost of paid subscription plans is 2.75 to 11.95 dollars per month
  • No bandwidth limitations and a high service speed

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to understand that some of the users hint that this platform is using data from users who go to their site. That is, we are not talking directly about users who use a private virtual network, but in general, about visitors to the official website of this company.

The Best VPN: Price and Quality

Most users choose a private virtual network based solely on price and functionality. Therefore, among users of the popular platform, a private virtual network called TorGuar is considered the best choice. The main reason why this service received such high marks from users is a 50% discount when buying a financial plan, as well as a large number of practical tools that the user gets for a given price.

The main advantages of the norm are:

  • The service uses more than 3,000 servers located in 50 countries.
  • Low monthly subscription starting at $ 4.99
  • No bandwidth limit and high connection speed

Ability to simultaneously connect up to 5 devices and get high data protection

It is worth noting that the service does not do gradation at a price. All price offers are based solely on the periods for which the user wants to subscribe. Accordingly, the longer you subscribe, the lower the price will be.