Harry Brown’s Eset Antivirus Review of 2020

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Founded in 1992, Eset is an internet security company based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It provides customers with antivirus and firewall solutions for desktops and mobile devices. The company also has offices in the USA and some European countries. Eset plays an essential role in overall cybersecurity.

A well trained and tech-savvy reviewer, Harry Brown definitely knows what to expect from effective security solutions. Brown tested lots of popular products available in the market. His comprehensive reviews without bias can make it easier for you to choose the security solution that suits you best. Here is Harry Brown’s Eset Antivirus review 2020.

ESET Offers a Good Protection

Eset provides Internet users with efficiency, speed, and reliability, they can be sure that their data will be well-protected. The experts of Eset company continuously strive for security protocols improvement.

It is should be noted, that like any other industry-leading security solution, this one doesn’t place an undue burden on devices. Even if a user is running relatively ancient laptops or desktops, he still won’t feel it running in the background. There won’t be unpleasant surprises, including irrelevant pop-ups, and CPU pressure.

Eset is a good choice for:

  • individual users and small and medium business representatives;
  • users seeking for basic protection against different malware threats;
  • Windows users.

Users can always benefit from the 30-day trial. It can help to make sure Eset is a great variant.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Eset has its list of pros and cons. However, it has more strengths than weaknesses. That’s why Eset is always in the TOP-10 of the most effective security solutions. Let’s look at them just now.

Eset provides the following advantages:

  1. Users have no issues with downloading, installation, and usage.
  2. The company’s product doesn’t need a lot of resources to run in the background.
  3. 30-day trial.
  4. Eset Antivirus is available for Android users for free.
  5. The company offers many high-level features for Mac users.

Among the disadvantages:

  1. Some device packages could be slightly less expensive.
  2. Basic Nod tier requires some essential features, for instance, Parental Control.
  3. Users have to buy the Smart Security Premium with a high cost in order to ensure protection for all devices running on various OS.
  4. Customer Support lacks some important options.

Eset Antivirus: the Level of Reliability

When it comes to security solutions, including antiviruses, reliability is the number one priority. It should be noted, that Eset Antivirus showed some stunning performance during tests organized by the world’s leading companies. According to the results of AV-Test, the solution from Eset can detect 100% of prevailing malware. As for zero-day attacks, the data showed a 98% result. It is corresponding to the results of the most respected providers in the cybersecurity space.

The company’s product detects the latest threats. The on-time upgrading maintenance is automatic depending on the provided data about the dangers and vulnerabilities. Eset finds zero-days or never before detected dangers by responding to the malware’s DNA. It automatically alerts users of any suspicious activity or emerging challenges.

It should be noted, that Eset offers excellent scanning options. With the product of this company, every file can be scanned. Users have an opportunity to put them into quarantine. It’s quite a rare feature among antiviruses available in the market.

Summing up all facts about Eset, it’s worth noting that despite some minor weaknesses, this is one of the best security solutions for users. Eset Antivirus performs well during tests and may compete with the world’s leading security solutions from respected companies. Initially, Eset Antivirus was made for the Windows users, but today the users of Mac and Android can also benefit from this product.