How to Get the Best Antivirus for Windows?

How to Get the Best Antivirus for Windows? - Post Thumbnail

The selection of antivirus software in the modern market is abundant. Lots of options to choose from and to satisfy all sorts of users. However, this big competition doesn’t always make it simpler to pick one solution. If you have a Windows-running device, you’ll get the biggest list of options. Let’s go over some important factors and you need to take into account to get the best antivirus for Windows.

Top 5 Things to Take Into Account

First of all, you need to realize that the best free antivirus for Windows is sure to be limited in features. If you want a big set of tools to keep your device safe from malware as well as optimized, you should look for premium options. They are the only way to get all-in-one products.

Other elements include:

  • Evaluating the results from the independent labs’ tests. This is the most reliable way to learn if you can rely on the program. The labs perform different kinds of tests observing how well antivirus can detect all sorts of malware and malicious sites. Go to AV-Comparatives or SE Labs to get the latest results on the most popular antivirus solutions.
  • Find out all the details about the free version you plan on getting. Is there a time limit? Which features you get? There can be lots of details you need to find out. Moreover, you might come across a very good deal or discount and decide to upgrade and get all the features.
  • It’s important your antivirus is lightweight and doesn’t impact the performance much. If it slows down your device, the experience will be disappointing. So, don’t ignore it and make sure your device corresponds to the minimum requirements.
  • Look at the general appearance and the ease of interface. You should be able to navigate it fast. Aside from that, you can pick the option based on your preferences. For instance, color-corrected windows can be quite appealing. If you install such an antivirus, the window will be green. However, when some actions need to be taken, the window will change into yellow or red based on the seriousness of the issue.

The Best Free Antivirus Programs

If you are in for a free antivirus program, you should make sure to check out Avast Free Antivirus. This is the most well-known free program and millions of users have it. It stands out offering much more than other free versions. Using Avast Free, you’ll get not only malware protection but a safe browser and a password manager. Moreover, the company has lots of other programs you can find useful. They work perfectly well together and complete one another.

In case you don’t like this solution, you might want to try Kaspersky (unless you reside in the US). It’s also a very reliable option that secures excellent levels of protection. The interface is very simple as you only get to run scans or update the database. The rest can be accessed only after you upgrade.

Finally, many popular antivirus programs like Bitdefender, Norton, etc. offer free trial versions for Windows users. Remember to find out about the terms of using this software to get the best possible experience. Some of them last for 30 days only, while others have different peculiarities.


Looking for free antivirus for your Windows-running device is not very hard. Just compare the top options and pick the one that delivers you the services you want. You should also think about the extra tools that boost your PC and maintain a smooth performance. Pick the elements separately and don’t forget about the safe browser or, at least, extensions that block phishing sites, ads, pop-up windows, etc.

Get the most reliable antivirus program that doesn’t have any time limit and upgrade when you can afford it.