Top Handy Functions of Kaspersky Password Manager

Top Handy Functions of Kaspersky Password Manager - Post Thumbnail

This is a service that facilitates password management as much as possible and safely stores your valuable data. If you happen to forget the password to access the site or service, you remember how unpleasant it is to spend precious time on its recovery. At the same time, if you use the same simple password everywhere, this compromises your security.

The platform successfully solves these problems: it encrypts and safely stores all your passwords, photos of documents, addresses and bank card data – and synchronizes them on all your computers and mobile devices. You need to remember only one master password to access all your passwords and data.

Main Functions:

  1. Secure storage. Secure storage of your passwords, addresses, bank card information, personal records and photographs of documents in encrypted storage, access to which only you have.
  2. Quick and comfortable access to personal recordings. To access the repository, you need to remember only one master password, which is known only to you.
  3. Instantly sync all accounts on your devices. Synchronize and easily access your passwords and valuable data from Windows and Mac computers, mobile devices and online.
  4. Auto-save passwords for logging in to your account. Fast authorization on sites. The solution automatically enters credentials into authorization forms, saving you time.
  5. Strong password creation feature. The solution informs you if a particular password is not strong enough or is duplicated, and suggests replacing it with a more secure one created by the built-in password generator.
  6. Ability to protect personal data on bank cards. The solution allows you to store the data of your bank cards in encrypted storage and also checks the security of websites before automatically entering credentials in authorization forms.
  7. Function storage of images and data of various documents. The solution allows you to put photos and scans of your passport, driver’s license, medical reports, etc. to a secure vault that only you can access.
  8. A quick search for saved documents. Favorites feature for essential documents, quick access to recently used accounts and the ability to group objects into folders for easier access.
  9. The function of export and import of personal data. You can import your account data from browsers and other password managers, as well as export your data and back it up.
  10. 24/7 online storage access. Convenient access to the password database and management of them from anywhere with access to the Internet.
  11. High-security options. The platform uses the blindfold method of protecting your data, in which neither Kaspersky Lab, as the application developer, nor anyone else has access to it. Your data belongs and is available only to you.
  12. Ability to install a free version. The functionality is similar to the paid version but allows you to store no more than 15 active records.

For correct operation, install the latest version of the free manager on all your devices. The simultaneous use of the old and new versions on different devices can cause crashes.