Top-Notch Review of Buffered VPN: Is it Really Effective?

Top-Notch Review of Buffered VPN: Is it Really Effective? - Post Thumbnail

With 41 servers in 40 countries and using secure encryption, Buffered VPN provides VPN services you can rely on. Do you need a Virtual Private Network to bypass censorship and access sites like Facebook? Are you going to watch the content of popular streaming services? It actually doesn’t matter; you can achieve this with this Virtual Private Network.

This VPN uses powerful encryption and advanced features such as the ability to emergency disconnect from the Network, which allows you to maximize the privacy of user actions. It will not be superfluous to note that this service will enable you to download torrents and exchange files via P2P protocol through your servers. The platform also has applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Installing them is not difficult, they will protect you, no matter what device you use.

Recently, the company updated the service, after which there appeared an emergency disconnect from the Network, which provides reliable protection against data leaks. Compared to other top services currently available on the market, this one looks a little weak. For example, there is no adblocker or DNS/IP leakage protection.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Global server network


  • Too expensive
  • Few advanced features (no ad blocking)

What Influences the Speed Here?

Many factors influence the speed of a Virtual Private Network connection, due to which many speed tests become almost useless. Since it encrypts your data, it usually takes a little longer to transfer it, and this slows down the connection speed. Nevertheless, if the ISP decelerates your connection velocity, the Virtual Private Network application may even increase your Internet connection speed. Adding new servers to the Network can also affect your connection speed. Test results, of course, may vary depending on your location.

The difference between the declared number of servers and the amount that you need in practice: do not make this mistake

The ratio of the number of servers and countries is a significant factor when choosing a Virtual Private Network. You can sit in a puddle if you pay attention to only one thing. As a rule, the more servers, the higher the connection speed. Accordingly, if one service has slightly more servers than another, but also has twice as many users, then the connection speeds of the first service will still be lower. Ideally, a Virtual Private Network provider should have many servers in each region. In this case, you will not need to worry that the server/country to which you want to connect may be crowded, and you will have to be content with the speed of the snail.

Why do you Need Excellent Tech Support?

Many still believe that competent technical support is needed only at the stage of installing the application, but in fact, there are many cases when you may need it after. For example, you need to connect to a specific server, change the security protocol, install a service on the router, and in all these cases the technical support instruction may come in handy.

Tech Support Features:

  • Usually, you get the response on e-mail in 20 minutes
  • Technical service working hours 24/7
  • Online live chat option
  • Moneyback guarantees

Nevertheless, this VPN can be located in the top three today. Therefore, if you are used to using this service, then you can safely continue to do this further.