Financial Data Transfer and Transaction via Data Rooms: Web Guru Reviews

Advances in science have led to the fact that the 20th century has become a century of automation in various areas of human activity (science, industry, financial activity, everyday life, etc.). An example of the implementation of automation can serve as a variety of control systems created by man to ensure reliable control and management of the operation of both individual technical devices and entire industries. That information is connected as well to financial data transfer and transactions via data rooms. Take a look at how we compare virtual data rooms below.

Why Is It Recommended to Transfer-Transactions via Data Rooms?

New ideas about space and time, born of Einstein’s theory of relativity, the development of our ideas about the matter (quantum field theory, elementary particles, semiconductors, superfluidity, superconductivity, etc.), the emergence of nuclear physics (from the first ideas about the atom by Rutherford and Bohr, before the fission and synthesis of the atomic nucleus and controlled thermonuclear reactions), manned space flights and the development of astronautics, the computerization of society – all these are symbols of the past XX century. In one century, humanity has made an unprecedented step forward in its development.

Automation of data rooms has affected a wide range of the world’s population. Today, in order to improve the efficiency of employees, local networks of personal computers have been introduced at many enterprises, which make it possible to widely used e-mail systems, electronic document management, legal and accounting consulting systems, and much, much more. The successful large-scale implementation of automation tools became possible only thanks to the advent of electronic computers.

Web Guru Review: How Does It Work?

Web Guru is a significant contributor to the development of e-commerce, its role as the general sponsor of this book promoting strong defenses against fraudulent e-commerce transactions is understandable and natural. Despite the fact that the company was not directly involved in the development of the data room specifications, its role in the dissemination and development of this standard is difficult to overestimate. It is no coincidence that banks have made the most progress in implementing the standard in their electronic payment systems.

Web Guru has 90% positive reviews on its website. The time for the operation is limited, the Client is given 10 minutes to enter the card details on the payment page. In other words, no more than 10 minutes should pass from the moment the transaction identifier (trans ID) is formed until the Client is redirected back to the merchant website. Failing to meet the specified time period, transactions will be rejected by the system with the TIMEOUT status (the time allotted for the transaction has expired).

Web Guru has the next descriptions:

  1. A single transaction that allows you to transfer money from the Holder’s account to your account. This means that the Payment Authorization and its Execution are carried out within one transaction.
  2. Requires two transactions – Authorization followed by Execution. This allows you to spread out in time the process of authorizing the operation on the Cardholder’s account (and at the same time blocking the necessary funds on his account) with subsequent authorization (for example, after checking the availability of goods in the warehouse, upon shipment of the goods, after additional checks and etc.). 
  3. It should be noted that Execution is the basis for transferring money from the Client’s account (financial transaction), while Authorization implies only blocking funds on the Client’s account.

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