TOP 5 Password Managers 2021

Password managers are supposed to save you the hassle of remembering all the passwords for online services that you use for fun, work, and those you need for critical services.

Best Password Managers to Use for 2021

Once we came up with complex passwords and wrote them down in our secret notebook, which was kept in a drawer of a writing desk under lock and key. Then time passed and it became relevant to make notes of their secret codes not on paper, but in an electronic file – MS Word or Notepad, to be stored in a remote or hidden folder.

And use the same password on all your sites. This is a very bad idea. A hacker can guess or break a simple password by brute-force. That being said, site database leaks can reveal your even the most complex password. And if you use this password on all sites, all your accounts can be hacked.

Perhaps you do not want or cannot afford to pay for such a program. Meanwhile, the losses from a hack can be significantly larger than what you would spend on a password manager. Moreover, the losses are not only financial but also of a different kind. However, there are many free password managers that will be more than enough for most users.

Naturally, this is all irony. Use the best password manager. Protect your data online and take confidential information seriously. There are too many bad people on the internet to feel comfortable with it:

  • You can set up local storage and deploy it to your personal server.
  • Autocomplete with multiple accounts for one service.
  • Supports biometric authentication from Apple, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Built-in password generator.

Not to Forget: a List of 5 Best Password Managers

1. KeeperSecurePasswordManager.

KSPM is a popular application developed by Keeper Security that offers users and businesses a secure password creation and storage solution that protects against cyber threats and data breaches. It has an elegant interface and is compatible with all platforms and modern browsers.

2. LastPass.

The popular cross-platform password manager that won the Tom’s Hardware award for the best service twice and was included in most of the collections. In search of any software, regardless of its purpose, each user is faced with the concept of “license”. In simple terms, these are the terms of use of a particular program.

3. Enpass.

Another entertaining cross-platform password manager is Enpass. It stores not only passwords but also credit cards, bank details, PDFs, Wi-Fi passwords, etc. Its many features include support for wearable devices, tags, TOTP, biometrics, and various key files.

4. Dashlane.

Dashlane is a multi-platform password manager and generator. Like most of the other apps on this list, it protects passwords, PDFs, card data, and more with a single master password. The product boasts powerful encryption, a simple interface, and automatic syncing between devices. It does not have any functional limitations or expiration dates. Distribution of such programs is not prohibited. The only thing is that they are not accompanied by source codes.

5. RoboForm.

RoomForm makes it easy for you to log in with one click, no matter what site you’re browsing. The platform automatically captures and stores your passwords as you browse the web, allowing you to securely access them across all your devices. It stores your passwords in organized category folders, making them easy to find. RoboForm also offers a password generator to help you create strong passwords on the go, while its security center evaluates the strengths of your current password.

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