Bitdefender vs Kaspersky: Key Features to Check Before Buying

Bitdefender vs Kaspersky: Key Features to Check Before Buying - Post Thumbnail

Today, antivirus programs boast various evolutionary and technological innovations. Initially, they performed only the essential functions of scanning a computer. However, today, we are talking about ensuring full security. That is why it is worth considering what tools each of the antiviruses has and, based on this, make a comparison of which one is better. So let’s get down to analyses of Bitdefender vs Kaspersky story.

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus

If we talk about the most inexpensive subscription plans, then, in this case, the antivirus has nothing to be proud of. However, if we take into account packages that involve the use of several devices at the same time, they are overwhelmed with various useful functions. Besides, each of the features is vital for your device, especially when it comes to expensive subscription plans.

In this case, you get a complete set of various tools:

  • Ransomware remedies
  • Web exploit protection tools
  • Full protection against phishing
  • Protection against downloading dangerous and malicious programs
  • SafePay function which provides maximum security to the browser for conducting various online transactions

SafePay is a separate browser that must be installed on the desktop. Thanks to this, you can very qualitatively isolate multiple network connections while conducting financial transactions from your computer. This browser is not designed for watching videos and reading news. Of course, if you take into account the speed parameters, then it is much slower than, for example, the Chrome browser. However, its primary purpose is to conduct safe financial transactions.

All the plans that this antivirus offer contains a unique Wallet password manager. Thanks to this, you can store various confidential data, bank card data and other types of classified information. Also, you can easily import the necessary data from any of the most common browsers. This password storage feature comes as a free application and is very efficient.

The High Functionality of Kaspersky Antivirus

This antivirus has almost the same set of functions as the software mentioned above. Nevertheless, this antivirus also has unique features that are very effective. Among such services, it is worth noting a well-protected browser for conducting online operations. However, it should be understood that it is available only for the most expensive financial plans. At the same time, the most inexpensive plan for this antivirus includes an exclusively basic protection package.

This antivirus also uses a unique secure browser for banking transactions called Safe Money. As soon as you need to go to one of the payment portals, the antivirus will inform you that you can open it in the Safe Money browser. Thanks to this, you can isolate other network connections and ensure the security of your transactions. However, unlike SafePay, this browser cannot be installed on the desktop. But at the same time, you will always be warned that you are in a secure browser with a green indicator.

It goes without saying that this antivirus also has other privacy tools. We are talking about protecting webcams, private browsing options, and protecting sensitive data.

Which Antivirus is Better?

Both antiviruses are quite similar. Their functions and price are approximately at the same level. However, Bitdefender has some options that make it more efficient. Considering that almost all parameters of both antiviruses have roughly the same rating, you get the same functions, and you need to choose upon the ease of use. And in the case of Bitdefender antivirus, security will be more comfortable and convenient.